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An active family trying to live life with faith, hope, grace, forgiveness and fun....this is our family.
Momo Bands was started because of the need to find a headband that stayed in place during a game/workout .  We have three  daughters and have purchased several types of headbands to keep the girls hair out of their faces while participating in games/practices.  We would even wait in line for a close friend to french braid the girls' hair.  This wasn't always a practical thing to do even though she did an amazing job.  Back in 2007, we were at a 3v3 tournament and I decided to crochet my daughters a headband.  The other girls liked them and wanted some too.  Before you knew it they all had red, white and blue crocheted headbands.  The headbands were really cute and matched their uniforms, but they would get stretched out and eventually need to be tightened.  Then our girls started using something called pre wrap.  This worked for part of the game, but when it came time to readjust the headband it would break.  You could say that I have been on an unintended quest for the perfect headband for a long time!

As a crafter I came across a concept of utilizing velvet as a non slipping agent with accessories.   From there our Momo Bands began to come to life.   At first I made them for my girls, then friends and eventually transitioned into developing a business.

All of our headbands are made in America and we work very hard to maintain an affordable price.  Additionally, we reward our customers who buy four with a fifth one free (coupon code "momofree").   
Give us a try and we bet you keep coming back.